We’ve covered recently about 8 skin Pack 6.0 transforming your Windows 7 to Windows 8 Developer Preview, you can get better Windows 8 experience with metro UI with green immersive background with Windows 8 UX Pack 3.0  freeware without modifying the system files, even you don’t need to restart your Computer after installing this UX pack for the changes to take effect.

Windows 8 metro UI on windows 7 with immersive start background

Using Windows 8 UX Pack  3.0

Download and unzip program contents to a folder and run Windows 8 UX Pack executable, uncheck for setting Windows X ‘s live as default homepage on welcome screen and click install button, installation will be completed within couple of minutes.

When compared to Win8 Metro UI, Start screen on Windows 7 shows task bar. Wallpapers/lock screens of Windows 8 developer preview are added to this pack and appear on login screen. So you won’t miss Windows 8 feel.

UX Pack Settings

You can enable “out-of-box experience” and “start-screen slideshow” from settings. You can click on “Peek at desktop” after the User tile to access Metro Start Screen with its settings on the sidebar. You can click show on desktop to switch to conventional desktop.

You can uninstall this UX pack safely from Programs and features.

Download Windows 8 UX pack 3.0