By default Windows 8 doesn’t have a Start Menu to display non-metro apps you’ve installed (though the Programs and Features in Control Panel displays programs installed by you) but WDP comes pre-installed with Metro style and other Windows app, you can view all installed apps in windows 8 easily, here is how.

Win 8 all installed apps from a to z

1. Use Win + F command to open the search pane,

2. Click Apps, installed apps and programs will be shown in alphabetical order (A-z), you can use the scroll bar at the bottom to see apps on the screen. You can pin, unpin and  uninstall them by right-clicking on the app.

Update: To view all apps in Windows 8.1

Press Win key to launch start screen, now click on down arrow which shows all apps by name, you’ve the options to view them by date installed,  most used and by category.