Windisk Home is a freeware PC cleaning utility with not much of intuitive interface allows to remove temporary files, junk files and browser history and tries to bring new PC experience to the user. This utility allows to clean your PC whenever you log-out, or on schedule or on a demand.

Using WinDisk

More WinDisk options are available for admins instead of ordinary users, you need to click the Admin button to elevate to Admin rights. Download and install the program, click register button to activate the software.

Windisk Control Panel

Clean Master for PC Can be a Tough Competitor to CCleaner

Windisk features

  • Cleans-up Internet trash and makes your computer run faster
  • Clears-out unwanted history from your Applications so that your programs start and run faster
  • Customize cleaning for your own files, folders and disks
  • Powerful, flexible, scheduling options
  • Clean files and folders directly from Windows Explorer
  • Set up flexible cleaning configurations
  • See the results right-now in Windisk Log Browser

Windisk options

Aero OneClean: Clean Temporary Files in Your Computer with One Click

Download Windisk Home

P.S. If you don’t understand how to use this program, better leave it as we’ve a much better PC cleaning utility CCleaner available.