Microsoft released evaluated version of Windows Developer Preview on Sep 13th this month, if you’re curious enough to know how long you can use this version or when Windows 8 Developer preview will expire, you can know that by using a simple command in your system.

Windows 8 dev preview expiry date

Finding Windows 8 Developer Preview expiry date

1. Use Win +R key combination to open run command box and type  Winver and press enter

2.  Windows shows Build details along with evaluation copy expiry date as shown in the screenshot. For me it is showing March 11, 2012 (it may be same for all users irrespective on which date you installed as I think so) hope we’ll get brand new Windows 8 beta by that time.

After installing Windows 8, it will be automatically activated online. Yep!you’re using genuine copy of windows (you can install updates and stay protected if you’re using it as a primary windows).

You can see whether your copy is activated or not by right-clicking on Computer icon (disable Metro UI to get it on the classic start menu) and click Properties,

system properties

In System properties window, you can click “view details in Windows Activation” to know windows edition you’re using, product key and activated date.

Windows 8 activation details