Currently Firefox 64-bit is still under development (though testing build available, stable version might be available with Firefox 8 release for Windows 64-bit systems), wait! you can taste Waterfox which 64-bit version of Firefox which is compiled from Firefox source code runs fast on 64-bit Windows, developer claims 64-bit version is more responsive, quicker and out-performs 32-bit version.

Waterfox vs. Firefox & Waterfox features

  • The add-ons for Firefox will work with this Firefox version too.
  • Supports auto-updates, you won’t need to manually check for updates.
  • Compiled with SSE, SSE2, x64 favoring enabled.
  • You can install both Firefox and Waterfox in your Computer without any problems, however you may not use them at the same time since Waterfox uses Firefox profile.
  • You’ll have to wait for Waterfox when Official Mozilla Firefox is released as it needs to be recompiled into Waterfox
  • You must’ve Visual C++ redistributable installed.

You can download 64-bit version of plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Java from here.

Download Waterfox