Ultra Virus Killer aka UVK is a freeware app packed with troubleshooting utilities allows users to detect and removes viruses, Trojans, rootkits, malware and spyware from your Computer. This app also offers set of computer repair tools to use after disinfection.

Ultra Virus Killer

Using Ultra Virus Killer

UVK offers various virus removal and computer repair tools on its welcome screen.

Process Manager, shows lists of non critic processes paths, allows to kill the selected processes, delete the executable file, get info on executable path and kill all the listed processes.

Startup entries and services section shows a list of startup entries, IE start pages, BHO, Toolbars and URL search hooks, shell execute hooks , running services, allows to delete the selected entries and corresponding files, you can also stop all non-Microsoft services.

Drivers and Schedule tasks section shows a list of active drivers and all the scheduled tasks. You can delete selected drivers or tasks and corresponding files.

Delete or replace file or folder lets you delete, copy, or replace files or folders even if they are being used by other applications. Repair System gives various options to repair your Computer, this tool is more handy for the technicians. UVK Fixes allows to run more than 20 exclusive fixes.

Automatic anti-malware scans allows to perform automatic MBAM, SAS and Combofix scans.

UVK available as portable and installer version,UVK install version offers more install options like creates a system restore point, adds “Delete with UVK” option to context menu.

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