SmartScreen filter feature in IE9 protects users by warning against visits to malicious sites and downloading malicious software to their computers, since all users don’t use IE9 to surf Microsoft ported SmartScreen with application reputation used in IE9 to Windows 8 developer preview which warns when users tries to run an application that has not well established reputation, SmartScreen gives a warning & recommends not to run it, delete the  program or to run the program anyway, expand more details and click “Run this program and don’t prompt me again”.

Windows 8 smartscreen

Disabling or turning off SmartScreen feature in Windows 8

If you’re security savvy users and download files from reputed sites, then you can turn off or disable Windows SmartScreen, here is how to do that.

1. Open Control Panel>System and Security>Action Center

2. Expand Security section, scroll down and click ‘Change settings’ for Windows SmartScreen

3. Select ‘Turn off Windows SmartScreen’ and click ‘ OK’ to save the changes.

turn off Windows SmartScreen