Notebooks and certain keyboards don’t have indicator lights for Num Lock, Caps Lock.  TrayStatus is a freeware utility which is more useful for notebook users displays indicators of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Hard drive activity in the system tray. This tool even useful for desktop users in a way if they can’t view or have a  hard drive led and Caps Lock indicator always helps you to know its status as it shouldn’t be turned on while we typing passwords in websites.


1, A are indicator icons for Num Lock and Caps Lock, these icons appears in green color when they are turned on. You can hover your mouse pointer over them to know their status in a tooltip.  Hard drive activity indicator shows read and write speed on the tray icon.

By default, TrayStatus shows Num Lock, Caps Lock and Hard drive activity indicators only.  But from its settings, you can enable to show statuses for Scroll lock, Alt, Ctrl, Shift and Win key also.

TrayStatus Settings

TrayStatus works on Windows XP/Vista/7, requires .Net framework 2.0 to be installed in your Computer to work.

Download TrayStatus