All users used to Google Instant search now a days, search results appear as you start typing,  Text Filter is a freeware app (more useful for coders) lets you read, search and filter text files with ease.  As you start typing the search phrase, Text Filter filters text lines and highlights all matched terms instantly with contrasting color .

Text Filter

Using the Text Filter

Download and install the program to your Computer ( do choose custom installation over full installation to avoid Facemoods smiles installation and setting Facemoods as you search provider and default home and tab page).

Run the app, from the File menu select the Open button and load the text file. In the search box, type a search phrase you want to find, as you start typing the program offers auto suggestions for search phrase to choose from. Text Filter filters text lines and highlights all matching terms with yellow color.

This program offers multiple query modes such as Native Query, Smart Query and Regex Query. Regex query is selected by default, you can select Native Query (lets you search any where in the document or Smart Query (allows for matches on the boundaries only).

Text Filter offers multiple filter modes where you can hide matched or unmatched lines for easier text view. You can select “Show All Lines” option from View menu to view the entire document.

Text Filter features [in-brief]

  • Fast as-you-type searching
  • Search phrase auto suggestion
  • Full support to regular expressions
  • Multiple query modes and filter modes

Text Filter works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Text Filter