SnapInstall is a useful freeware portable app much similar to Problem Steps Recorder in Windows lets you take series of screenshots of active screen with a click on the mouse-wheel button and allows to create a PDF file from those captures to explain others in easy-to-understand manner and this tool is very helpful for making documentation of a program.


Using SnapInstall

Download and extract program zip file to a folder and run SnapInstall executable, from the program settings window enter the title, author and change Snaps installation directory (C:\snaps is the default one) click Start button and the the program sits in the system tray waiting for click on middle-mouse button.


Lets say, you’re installing a program just click on mouse- wheel button to take the first snapshot, in this way you can take all the screenshots until the program installation is complete.  All screenshots will be  saved to earlier selected directory. From the program’s try icon you can right-click  and click “Create PDF and Exit “ as the program combines all these screenshots into a PDF file in sequential manner which you can email to support technician to tell how the problem happened.

SnapInstall works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download SnapInstall