It’s all set for Firefox 7 final release on September 27th of this month, Mozilla follows Chrome and Opera, removes http:// protocol and trailing slash by default in the location bar for user friendly and better readability, that means you can only view or for that matter Firefox shows in the address bar. It may be confusing for novice users, here is how to enable or show http:// in the location bar again.

show http in Firefox 7 url bar

But Firefox will display https:// prefix in the URL bar to let the users know they’re are on secured page, and when you copy and paste URLs,Firefox will include the http prefix.

Firefox without http prefix in the url bar

Show http:// in Firefox 7 URL bar

1. Type “about:config “ in the address bar and press enter proceed by agreeing to the warning.

2. Double-click on browser.urlbar.trimURLs preference to turn its value to false.

Now type any website URL in the browser, HTTP:// will be shown greyed out/not highlighted for a change in Firefox 7 when compared to the previous versions.

3. Update: Set “browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled” preference to false after the above mentioned steps to remove the highlighting.(Thanks to Anonymous commenter).