ScreenRes is a freeware app lets you save current screen resolution and desktop icons positions and restores them. The use of this app with auto feature enabled: if anyone changes your screen resolution, ScreenRes automatically restores the original one after 5 seconds supposing that you’ve already saved your current resolution first from this app.

restore screen resolution with ScreenRes

Using ScreenRes

Download and install the program to your Computer. On the first run,  you need to save screen resolutions and icons positions. By enabling “Auto” option feature, this tool checks for every 5 seconds for the screen resolution change, if changed it restores the original one or the saved one earlier.

Of course, you shouldn’t enable Auto option while playing games as user need to change screen resolution for some games. After changing the screen resolution, the position of desktop icons can be changed, using this tool you can restore their positions too.

ScreenRes works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download ScreenRes