If you’ve installed AVG antivirus recently, you may observe AVG Secure Search showing the search results when searched from the Firefox navigation bar instead of default search engine set by user such as Google, this is due the install of AVG Security Toolbar in your Computer. Even though you uninstalled AVG and its toolbar, you’ll get search results by AVG Secure Search. Here is how to remove AVG Secure Search as a Search Engine and let your default search engine to search for you from the location bar in Firefox.

AVG Secure Search

 Removing AVG Secure Search as Search Engine from Firefox

#1. First, make sure the default search engine is selected and enabled from the search bar in Firefox.

#2. Remove AVG related extensions if any still exists and appear in Firefox browser.

Removing AVG Secure Search from Firefox

1. Type “about:config” in the address bar and proceed by agreeing to the warning.

2. Now type keyword.URL in the Filter box

3. Right-click on the Keyword.URL preference shown (check the screenshot below) and select Reset button.

reset to default search enigne in Firefox

This will fix the things. Now go ahead, dot the same for the below entries also.

  • browser.search.selectedEngine
  • browser.search.defaulturl
  • browser.search.defaultenginename

Update: With AVG 2013 installation, AVG Secure Search will be set as default search engine and home page for Chrome, IE and Firefox browser. To completely remove AVG Secure Search and its related components from your system and affected browsers, follow the below link.

This one works well: AVG Browser Configuration Tool 

Uninstall/Completely Remove AVG Secure Search from your Computer and Browsers