Windows (even current Windows 7) doesn’t offers better file copying experience for the users as it lacks to pause, resume and skip file copying features (though upcoming Windows 8 bridges that gap), QCopy is freeware file Copier for Windows which lets copy multiple files quickly with blink of an eye. in fact this app is developed primarily for file copying tasks over wired and wireless networks and that’s why file copying is faster on local drives where you can pause and resume at any time, skip particular files from copying.


Using QCopy

Drag-n-drop  files from Windows Explorer to the QCopy window or you can select several files and right-click on them and select “Send To – QCopy” option in Windows Explorer instead.

QCopy lets you queue up any number of files and lets you  save these queues and load them later for file transfer to a folder or directory.  You can rearrange the order of files in the window by  using Move up, Move down, To Top and  To Bottom buttons

Pause, Resume and Skip file copying :  Once the copying process began, you can pause or resume the process at any time and you can skip specific files copying in the middle. Windows stops whole copying process, when it is unable to copy particular file which is waste of time and annoying for the users. QCopy overcomes this and offers faster file copying experience. 

QCopy works on all Windows, requires .Net framework 3.5 SP1 or above to be installed in your Computer to work.

Download QCopy

P.S. Haven’t used TeraCopy till now so impressed with QCopy and that’ why we can’t rate this app over TeraCopy.