There’re several freeware PDF writers available on the internet to create PDFs from virtually any file, Print To PDF Pro is freeware printer driver lets you convert any file to PDF file by dragging and dropping the file onto its program shortcut.

Print To PDF Pro

Using Print to PDF Pro

Download the program to your Computer, during the installation program asks you to register the program with your email address to send program updates which you can skip by clicking the “Next” button. PDF printer driver will be installed along with the program in Windows, you can view its PDF Printer “PDF Printer Pro”  in “Devices and Printers”.

You can print webpages from the browser by using Ctrl+p shortcut and select PDF Printer Pro as printer and from the program interface set the options and click Create PDF button. Similarly you can drag and drop any file to the program’s  shortcut icon on the desktop to convert to PDF.

From the program’s options you can

  • Set the initial zoom percentage of the output PDF.
  • add properties to the output PDF ex: Title, author, keywords,  Producer, etc..
  • Change the output PDF file to open PDF reader other than default one
  • Set to Overwrite/append to the existing PDF if same PDF file already exists.

Print To PDF Pro advnced options

Print To PDF Pro works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Print To PDF Pro