Monitor Webpages for Updates with NoitPage, Webpages Monitoring Software

by Venkat eswarlu on September 4, 2011

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Want to get notified with alerts when a specific webpage is updated, NotiPage freeware app is what you want. NotiPage app once installed and configured for monitoring alerts, monitors specified webpage and warns you with visual and audible alert when set criteria are met.

NotiPage thumb Monitor Webpages for Updates with NoitPage, Webpages Monitoring Software

Using NotiPage

Download and install the program to your Computer and run it. For the first run the app shows “Alerts file missing” dialog, you need to allow the app to “create the new database” by clicking “Yes” button in the dialog box.

Configuring NotiPage :

1.  From NotiPage main window, from Alerts menu create new alert for a webpage by selecting “New Alert”.

2. In the “Alert Properties” window type the alert name and Monitored webpage URL where Monitoring type being already selected and shown as Monitor the webpage update

3. And set monitoring rate per hour for 2 hours as you wish and click “ Save” button.

NotiPage alert settings window thumb Monitor Webpages for Updates with NoitPage, Webpages Monitoring Software

From now onwards NotiPage checks webpage for updates and notifies with alerts when set criteria is met.

You can use this app to monitor

  • Distant servers accessibility
  • Webpages updates
  • Specific words appearance on webpages.

You can currently schedule up to 20 customizable alerts and this could be increased in future versions.

NotiPage works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download NotiPage


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NotiPage September 10, 2011 at 6:17 am


We are pleased to inform you that a major update of NotiPage has just been released (version 1.20), with a lot of new features :
- Better support for websites needing an authentication.
- Addition of the highlighting of new text in “Page Update Monitoring” Mode.
- Addition of the “Continuous Monitoring” Option (to avoid interruption of the monitoring when a detection is triggered).
- Addition of the “In Updated Text Only” Option (allow to be alerted only if the searched words appear in the page update).
- Addition of buttons on the main window to execute actions from “Alerts” Menu.
- Addition of the possibility to clear the web pages locally stored by the application.

And all of these features remain totally free !

Please, don’t hesitate to send us comments or suggestions on

Best regards.

NotiPage Team.

PS : A description of the alert settings has been added to the website at


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