Recently we’ve covered Norton Remove & Reinstall tool which uninstalls Norton products and installs latest version of Norton product in your Computer, Norton Removal Tool 2012 now available for download which removes Norton software released from Norton 2003 to 2012. You need to only use this tool when you’re unable to uninstall Norton software from Add or Remove programs.

Norton Removal Tool 2012

Things to do before running Norton 2012 Removal Tool

Norton Removal Tool removes program settings, quarantined files, your product key, Norton associated files, folders and registry keys. Make sure to note down your license key by visiting and signing  into Norton Account in your browser and also make sure you’ve Norton Installation files or CDs available if you want to reinstall them.

Uninstall PCAnywhere or WinFax before running this tool and don’t forget to backup databases of ACT or WinFax before uninstall if you use.

Using Norton Removal Tool 2012

1. Download the removal tool and save to your Computer.

2. Run it and follow the instructions on the screen.

3. Restart your Computer.

Download Norton Removal Tool 2012