PDF & Print with Joliprint Firefox add-on uses Joliprint service in converting/saving webpages into printer-friendly PDFs to read later on your Computer with PDF Reader or you can select Google Reader, Instapaper and ReadItLater list and this add-on converts the webpage into PDF file shareable with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Joliprint converted PDF from a webpage

This Joliprint extension removes unnecessary clutter like navigation menu, ads from the webpage and includes web page title, text, images, author, category in the converted PDF file. After installing this add-on, it integrates to the context menu in Firefox, you’ll notice its icons on Navigation bar and Add-on bar.

Firefox Joliprint

If you’re on a single page, multi-pages click Joliprint icon and and PDF for that page will be created with in a minute depends on the pages it has to process and allows to download the PDF, save in Google Docs and offers print.tt shortened link of PDF file to share on Twitter, Facebook and via email.

Looking for Joliprint Chrome extension you can find here on chrome Web Store.