We ’do feel Diaspora, Facebook’s alternative late in making their service available to social media lovers (still it’s in private alpha, wonder how many are using Diaspora now through their invite system), Google+ cashed in the hype and their “Circles” concept resembles “Aspects” of Diaspora.  At present, people have no interest on Diaspora and most of users using Diaspora  feels the service is like Google+. Now there are two ways for you to grab a Diaspora invite:  visit Diaspora page and signup for an invite or you can one request one from people already using  it.invite your friends to Diaspora

Inviting friends on Facebook and others via email

Diaspora users can invite their Facebook friends and others via email.

  • Sign  into Diaspora with your username and password, on the right-side panel click ‘From Facebook” link to connect to Facebook and invite your friends to join with you on Diaspora.
  • or click “By email” link and enter their email addresses (you can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas), choose the Aspect type from Family, Friends, Work and Acquaintances and then type the personal message and click “Send invitation” button.

invite via email to Diaspora

Note: Don’t comment here for invites, we’ll soon be coming with a special post on Diaspora invites.