If you’ve noticed igfxpers.exe process running in the Task Manager under Processes list, from its name, it’s difficult to understand which program it belongs to. Don’t worry! It’s neither a virus related-one nor system related process. This process is from Intel and will be installed with Nvidia graphics card drivers specifically or with other graphics cards for Intel-based chip set motherboards which was the case with us.

igfxpers.exe process running in Task Manager

Use of igfxpers.exe process

igfxprs.exe is called Intel Common User Interface, useful on netbooks, which will restore native screen resolution after restart/shutdown/hibernation, which may not be the case if you terminate this process as your notebook resolution may be scaled differently.

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Disabling igfxpers.exe process

If you’ve noticed this process consuming or eating system resources, you can safely disable it from running at system startup through Msconfig utility. This is not an essential process to run your operating system anyway.

1. Use Msconfig in the run command box

2. Click “Startup” tab and uncheck for Intel common User Interface item, click ‘Apply’ followed by ‘OK’ and restart your Computer for changes to take effect.

disable igfxpers.exe

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