Windows includes some special folders such as Program Data, Common Files, Desktop store: application settings and files, temporary files and more information in your Computer. You haven’t heard about about these special folders till now in Windows 7, if you want to know how much space these special folders occupies, their location 5F5ize is freeware portable app that displays list of special folders, their size and and location information.

Special Folders size and information with 5FSize

Using 5F5ize to retrieve Special folders information

Download and extract program’s zip file to a folder and run SFD executable. App window displays list of special folders. You can double click on any folder to open in explorer.

Select desired folders folders or all folders by clicking “Select All” and click “Get Data” button to let the app to retrieve special folders information. This may take a while, depending on the number of files inside the selected folders and the power your Computer.

You can export generated information for selected folders to a CSV file for future reference by clicking “Export” button.

5F5ize works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download 5F5ize