Windows Explorer continuous crashes and restarts in a loop experienced by lot of users using Windows 8 developer preview, culprit to this issue is Metro Tiles (though Windows Explorer is related to traditional desktop instead of Metro Start Screen),  Microsoft identified the issue and released an update which fixes this issue,  users experiencing Windows Explorer crash/restart in a loop can download from Windows Update site.

Microsoft says “if you have application live tiles that use multiple image tile templates, you might encounter an issue that forces Windows Explorer to restart continuously. When this issue occurs, Windows Explorer goes into a loop in which it continuously crashes and restarts”.

“This issue occurs because Notification Platform crashes when it tries to renew the image file in the cache under certain conditions in which multiple images are requested from the Internet at the same time. For example, if the tile requests an image that is larger than 150 KB, the tile will not render. This causes a blank tile. If the failure to render is followed by a request that uses an expired HTTP heading to fetch an image, Explorer.exe will be thrown into a continuous loop of crashes.”

If you’re experiencing this, head over to Windows Update and install KB 2617028 update. This update applies to Windows 8 Developer Preview.