Based on your hardware and software configuration Windows Experience Index (WEI) in Windows 7 gives your system a base score, the more or higher the base score, the better your Computer performs, currently WEI score ranges from 1.0 to 7.9 , if you’re disappointed with the lower score shown by WEI for your system, you can change it to a higher value and show it to your friends with the help of freeware Windows 7 Experiance Editor.

Experiance Index Editor

WEI Share allows to know and Share Windows Experience Index Score on Facebook

Using Experience Index Editor

Download and install Windows Experience Editor with admin privileges to your Computer. Make sure to  turn off UAC before running this tool. After running the app, edit rating values for Processor, Memory, Aero Graphics, Gaming Graphics and Disk Rating. Set their values to higher close to 7.

Click “Save” button to save the changes. Now right-click on My Computer icon on and select ‘Properties’ and see ‘WEI score’.

Download Experiance Index Editor