Windows 8 Developer Preview doesn’t offer safe mode as one of the option if we press F8 for Win8 Boot entry,  Safe Mode is so important lets you troubleshoot and automatically fix various windows problems here is how to enable Safe Mode for Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 Developer Preview Safe Mode

Enabling Safe Mode for Windows 8

1. Hover your mouse pointer over Metro Start button and click Search button, now Select Apps and select Command prompt icon and use Ctrl +Shift keys combination to run in elevated mode.

Command prompt app icon

3. In the command prompt window, now use bcdedit /enum /v to list all boot entries. Here you’ll see Windows Boot Manager and Windows Boot Loader (varies in your System) entries

Windows 8 Boot Loader entry

4. For the Boot Loader of Windows Developer Preview, copy the Identifier GUID {264720f8-e0fa-11e0-aae3-8bb04e787037} (this is mine)

5. Use copied identifier in the command below and run it on the command prompt

bcdedit /copy {23fc82d2-….} /d “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”

6. Now from the Command Prompt type Msconfig.exe and press enter, now select newly created safe mode entry on the boot menu enable safe mode for it,  and also select “Make all boot settings permanent” click  ok and Yes to warning and restart your Computer.

7. You’ll get Windows Developer Preview safe mode entry in the boot menu along with Windows 7 and Windows developer preview entries. [via]