After Firefox 4, Firefox 7 is the major release (Firefox 5 & 6 are more of small updates than anything else), we’re not recommending users here to downgrade to Firefox older version, but if we set aside Firefox’s low memory usage,  if some of your favorite add-ons not compatible with this version (we’re getting comments too from readers that RoboForm not compatible or works in Firefox 7) the only way they’ll work is getting back to Firefox 6 without loosing any settings or extensions or bookmarks is through downgrading to older Firefox version, here is how to downgrade to Firefox 6 from Firefox 7.

downgrading from Firefox 7 to Firefox 6

Downgrading from Firefox 7 to Firefox 6.0.2

1. Visit Firefox releases folder located in Mozilla FTP Server directory in your browser.

2.  Open 6.0.2>Win32>en-US and download Firefox 6.0.2 set up file from there and install it over Firefox 7 in your Computer.

3. You’ll be automatically downgraded to Firefox 6.0.2 without loosing any settings or extensions.

Do disable updates for Firefox in Advanced options under update.

Note: Firefox lovers don’t be harsh on us, we do use Firefox as primary and default browser, this article is written as a helpful guide for those users who wants to get back to Firefox 6. Once again we’re not recommending users to downgrade to Firefox older version.