I don’t know why developers keep developing tools to disable metro UI and bringing back Windows 7 Style Start Menu to Windows 8 based on simple registry hack, instead they can try to develop the apps to close metro apps and change Immersive start background etc. on Windows 8. With the tools we’ve covered still now, if you disable Metro UI ribbon explorer and task manager will also be disabled  Windows 8 Menu Switcher is freeware portable tool lets you disable only Metro Start Screen but keeps ribbon explorer and task manager enabled to experience Windows 8’s new features.

Windows 8 Menu Switcher

Using Windows 8 Menu Switcher

The main objective of the app is to switch between Windows 8 old  Start Menu and Windows Metro Style Start Screen. Download the program archive and extract its contents to a folder and run the app.

To disable Metro UI that includes ribbon Explorer and Task Manager, click on  “old Windows Start Menu orb” and click Restart Explorer button to see the changes.

To disable Metro UI but to keep ribbon explorer and Task Manager, click on Disable Metro but Ribbon Explorer button with admin privileges.

Download Windows 8 Menu Switcher