Mozilla today released Firefox 7 touts improvements in Firefox performance thanks to Memshrink project and they’re relying on usage statistics of users to measure Firefox performance around the world via opt-in install of Telemetry add-on which is disabled by default.

Firefox 7 Telemetry

Enabling Firefox 7 Telemetry

After installing Firefox 7 , on the first run you’ll be prompted to allow Firefox to report performance data to Mozilla, if you click Yes button Telemetry feature will be enabled and Firefox collects and sends following Telemetry data to Mozilla using SSL

  • Memory Usage
  • CPU core count
  • Cycle collection times
  • Startup speed.

Only personal information sent to Mozilla with this functionality turned on is your IP address. You can check your browser performance using about:telemetry extension.

Disabling Firefox 7 Telemetry

You can disable submitting Firefox usage data any time by disabling submit performance data option under Advanced Tab.

submit Firefox performance data