We use screensaver with a password or lock our Computer to protect from unauthorized access when we’re away from our PCs, DeskDuster 2011 is a freeware tool auto-hides desktop icons when your PC is idle or you’re away from so that the desktop icons won’t be visible to others nearby.


Using DeskDuster

Download, extract program’s zip file to a folder and install DeskDuster to your Computer. After install, program’s icon appears in the system tray monitoring for PC inactivity, double-click on it to bring its user interface where you can change/modify the inactivity time interval from 1 to 20 minutes.

Right-click on its tray icon for a small a popup menu which offers options to hide or show your desktop icons manually.  By default, after 5 minutes of PC inactivity this program hides desktop icons. When your mouse movement is detected or if you press any key on the keyboard, icons appear automatically.

This program allows to minimize all opened windows along with hiding desktop icons from its options. DeskDuster is a simple yet effective program to hide desktop icons to avoid from prying eyes.

Show Computer and Control Panel Icons on Windows 8 Desktop

DeskDuster works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download DeskDuster