We’ve covered  i2PDF app in the past which lets you convert collection of images in any of JPG, BMP, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF format to PDF file which is easy to share via email, JPGasPDF is a  freeware portable app lets you create PDF files from single or multiple JPG or JPEG images.


Using JPGasPDF

Download the program’s zip file to a folder and extract its contents. Run it, from JPGasPDF program window, use “Add” button to select and add  single or multiple JPG/JPEG images. Click “Create” button to create the PDF file from images saved in same directory as that of added images. Output PDF file will be saved with “image” name by default.

PDf file created from images using JPGasPDF

Save and load images from a text file

You can drag and drop one image over another in the image list to set order.  You can save these images list to a text file and load these images later using that text file by using “Load” button. When you select an image in the list its preview is shown.

JPGasPDF lacks drag-n-drop for image files and doesn’t supports other images apart from JPG and JPEG.

JPGasPDF works Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download JPGasPDF