Windows 8 Task Manager looks good, but it’s too much for us to start using it right away after installing Windows 8 Developer Preview, do you know you can still access Windows 7 style task manager on Windows 8 by creating a shortcut,  here is how.

old task manager

Create a Shortcut to Old Task Manager on Windows 8

1. Right-click on the desktop and browse for New>Shortcut

2. Type “taskMGR” and click “Next” give it the name whatever you want  like “old task manager” and click “Finish” button.

3. Now you can open old task manager by clicking the shortcut on the desktop. You can right-click on it>select properties and assign keyboard shortcut for easier access in the Shortcut tab for Shortcut key whatever you like except for Alt+Ctrl +Del/Esc.

shortcut for task manager

Without disabling New Task Manager, we can now use both Task Managers at the same time by using this shortcut.