We’ve  covered Complete Internet Repair app in the past which fixes internet connectivity issues, you need to run this tool manually and select the options to fix problems, something  special with Connectivity Fixer freeware app which monitors your internet connection once connected to internet and if found something wrong with your internet connection notifies you about it and allows to fix it. This program offers option to automatically repair connectivity problems if detected without the need of user interaction to click the Fix button.

Connectivity Fixer

Using Connectivity Fixer

Download and install the program to your Computer. Run it, first you need to enable internet connection Monitoring feature for this program, you can enable the same from its user interface. Once Monitoring is enabled, Connectivity Fixer monitors your internet connection in the background.

By default, this app detects & notifies you if any connectivity problem found via a pop-up dialog from the system tray, you’ve the options to fix or skip the dialog.

fix connection

From the program settings, you can select Fix problems automatically option for auto repair of internet connection. With this option selected, you won’t be notified about the problems. You can enable monitoring feature and app the to run at startup from Connectivity Fixer Settings.

Automatic repair option recommended for users stay connected to the internet most of times in a day because after internet disconnection this program tries to repair internet connection to let you reconnect to the internet.

Connectivity Fixer works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Connectivity Fixer