Till we’ve covered apps to disable Windows 8 Metro UI, all these apps uses the registry hack changes  “RPEnabled” string value from 1 to 0, finally a developer Ruanmei came up with freeware portable Windows 8 Start Tweaker which lets you change Metro Start Screen background  with the custom image.

change windows 8 start screen background with custom image

This app lets you also change background color of Windows 8 start Screen or logon screen. Logon screen appears for shorter time, so I don’t have problem with green color, you can change it anyway with this app. But what matters the most is changing Windows 8 Metro Screen background.

Using Windows 8 Start Tweaker

Download and unzip program file to a folder and run Win8StartTweaker executable. The app’s interface  by default appears in Chinese language, which you can change to “English” by clicking US- flag at the bottom.

Windows 8 Start Tweaker

#1. Now select the Metro Background image via Windows explorer from the program window (you can also drag the image to the screen to change metro screen background),  you can set any image type from PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP.

#2. Select the Metro Background color via Windows Explorer and finally, click Ok and Apply and log off to see changed logon screen with background color you’ve chosen. Once you logon to windows, start screen background appears with custom image set by you using Windows 8 Start Tweaker.

Download Windows 8 Start Screen Tweaker