We’ve covered various Windows 7 logon screen changers in the past like Easy Login Screen Changer, Windows 7 Login Changer and there are other freeware login screen changers available for Windows on the internet for download, but Logon Screen stands out the best IMO. Logon Screen integrates with Windows 7 context menu and makes it easier for  novice users to change Windows 7 logon screen easily.

Logon Screen for Windows 7

Using Logon Screen

Download and install the app to your Computer, do watch out and uncheck for “Super Collapsed 3” during setup. After installation, the program adds “Logon Screen” shortcut to the Desktop Context menu and Images Context Menu for quick & easier access to the app.

changed windows 7  logon screen

IF you run logon screen, it shows default logon screen background. You can change it to desired one from any of image formats to choose from JPF, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF by clicking Browse button. After selecting the image, if it is too large in size then the app alerts you and allows to automatically adjust the image size.

And then click “Apply” and view your new logon screen by clicking “Lock” button on the program window. You can use “restore” button to revert default logon screen.

Download Logon Screen