If you want to capture SWF files and images on websites, you can use WebSiteSniffer freeware potable pocket sniffer which automatically captures web site files as you surf the web and saves them to a base folder you chose.  This program allows to choose which type of website files to be captured like HTML files, text files, XML files,  CSS files, Video/Audio files, images, scripts and Flash (.swf) files.


Using WebSiteSniffer

You need to download and install WinPcap capture driver which allows app to capture network packets on windows, you can use this app without installing this driver too with “Raw Sackets”  method, which doesn’t work on all windows system.

WebSiteSniffer capture options

Once you configured app’s capture options and run the app next time, the program starts capturing web site files and displays statistics about download files of every web site/host name including total size of all files, total number of files for every file type  (HTML,text ,images ,etc.)

Download and run the tool, from the “Capture options” window choose the base folder to download and extract website files, file types you want to capture to choose from HTML, image, video, audio, scripts etc.. select the capture method and network adapter and click Ok . On the next run the program stars capturing network packets on your network adapter.

This app has its limitations too, it can not capture files from secured website, with faster internet connection there is a tendency with the downloaded large file may be corrupted, instead of some of website files load from cache, for all files to capture you need to either clear the cache or use “private browsing” instead.

WebSiteSniffer works on windows  XP/Vista/7 ( both 32 & 64-bit).

Download WebSiteSniffer (32-bit)

Download WebSiteSniffer (64-bit)