While performing tasks like Burning a DVD or downloading a large file from the internet, you need to wait till these tasks to complete so that you can shutdown your Computer, AutoShutter is simple freeware utility with intuitive user interface lets you schedule shutdown, restart, log off or standby operations so that you can leave your Computer and once is the task is completed your Computer will be automatically shutdown by AutoShutter.


Using AutoShutter

Download and install the program to your Computer and run it. If you don’t like its user interface, you can change the transparency level by dragging the slider left or right under the Settings. You can this program user interface with shortcut Ctrl +Shift +U.

Select the task you want to perform under “System Event”, set the time under “Time Set” and click Apply button and forget about your Computer. You can open Event Log (use F12 shortcut instead) from the file menu to view pending and executed events. You can bookmark the current schedule which shown in saved schedules.

You can use hotkeys provided by the app to quickly shutdown, restart, log off, Standby and hibernate windows (you can view them from Commands menu), you don’t need to access Start Menu for this.

AutoShutter works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download AutoShutter