It’s a common procedure/routine thing we go through: whenever we download compressed files in Zip or RAR format, we need to extract their contents manually, its ok for one time what if need to download and extract  files from several archives to our Computers? doesn’t there a program to automate this process? AutoWinRarZip is a freeware tool that will automatically extracts archived files to your Computer each time you download them.

AutoWinRarZip thumb AutoWinRarZip Extracts Files from Archives Automatically Whenever You Download Them

Using AutoWinRarZip

Download and install AutoWinRarZip to your Computer and run it. This program’s icon appears in the system tray, right-click on it and open its user interface. Click “Add New folder” to add directory where you’re going to download and store archives and their extracted files.

Now select the directory you’ve just added and select the “Source Directory” where archived files will be downloaded, and similarly select “Destination Directory” where decompressed/unachieved files will stored.

That’s it user’s part it over, AutoWinRarZip will take from now on. This program sits silently in the system tray and whenever you download archives, program extracts them automatically.

For example if you downloaded compressed file in either Zip or Rar format when the downloading is completed, the program starts working in the background you’ll see “Decompress completed” dialog in the system tray once the process is finished. So when your file downloading is completed it’s extraction is also completed,time saved.

AutoWinRarZip decompresses archives automatically thumb AutoWinRarZip Extracts Files from Archives Automatically Whenever You Download Them,

The program automatically deletes archive after extraction to save space.

AutoWinRarZip features

  • Auto decompression (extract) archive (unrar, unzip) in specified directories
  • Build-in Decompress Module.
  • Support Formats: Rar, Zip (DEFLATE, BZip2, LZMA/LZMA2, PPMd), Tar, Gzip, Bzip
  • Auto detect *.zip, *.rar extensions in specified directories.
  • Set up source folder and destination folder for auto extract archives.

AutoWinRarZip works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download AutoWinRarZip