If you’re curious to know how much Mouse you use your Mouse daily? and how much distance (in feet) it travels on your desktop, its pointer speed and for other detailed statistics you should use Ashmapoo MouseTracer. This freeware once installed, tracks your  mouse activity and speed of  the cursor and distance travelled by the mouse on desktop shown on a tiny gadget in real-time.

Ashampoo MouseTracer

For full statistics on Mouse usage, you can open its settings by clicking Settings icon on the gadget. Statistics tab reveals mouse usage info includes : Top  Speed, Distance travelled by the  mouse pointer today/this month/ this year and Top distance travelled in a day/month /year. 

Mouse usage statistics

Be wary of Ashampoo toolbar

MouseTracer does include Ashampoo toolbar in the installation package and sets its web search as homepage and default search engine,  select Custom Installation and make sure create a desktop and quick launch icon option is only selected and remaining crappy options unchecked during the install.

MouseTracer works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Ashampoo MouseTracer