We’ve covered about Mosaic, Omnimo4 apps which brings upcoming Windows 8 Metro UI to Windows 7 with live-tiles,  Microsoft to offer Immersive Web Browser in Windows 8 (possibly IE10) , Zuro is freeware portable web browser brings Windows 8’s Immersive UI and metro UI Browser to Windows 7.

Zuro with Windows 8 immersive UI and metro UI

Using Zuro

Download and extract program’s archive to a folder and run Zuro executable. On the first run, you may encounter script errors (as faced by us and so the same said by developer). Zuro with metro UI and immersive UI offers address bar at the bottom with navigation controls. Zuro currently allows to open four new tabs only. Settings button allows to change the homepage to custom one.

Zuro features

  • Windows 8 Immersive UI and full Metro UI
  • Uses low memory
  • Tab Control (Currently Limited)
  • Support Chat System
  • Support Site Icon, Change in Encryption Level, Change in Homepage
  • Very smart and easy to use
  • Supports Tab preview
  • Supports all extensions used in IE
  • Allows to do common Web Browser Tasks
  • Offers Metro Homepages
  • Control on Size

Zuro allows to taste upcoming immersive UI browser in Windows 8 and this browser is not recommended for regular surfing.

Download Zuro