is a freeware app that lets you highlight text in a document and press “Ctrl + C” it to look it up on online services such as  Google, Wikipedia and Share it on Twitter, Facebook, send to email and much more. You can upload screenshots to Facebook or Flickr by selecting the pictures and Ctrl +C it . Things don’t get easier than this as eliminates copy and paste thing. 

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After installing this app, select the apps and websites you use on daily basis to choose from: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, Word, Explorer, Notepad, Wikipedia and many more web services. Mark any text in the document or browser and press Ctrl + C or right-click copy then small icons called satellites will appear, which lets you search in Google, Wikipedia, translate using Google translate.  Watch the video in action below.

One app many uses

With you can – easily find a technical article on Wikipedia, upload screenshots to Facebook or Flickr by selecting them in Windows Explorer. constantly updating their app by integrating more web services.

One annoying thing you face with this app whenever you copy some text in any app those icons appear  you can avoid this by exiting from app.