When an application stops responding or crashes, a crash window displayed by Windows with a little information (this varies from one Windows to other), you can close the application or look for solution online in the online database of Microsoft (this is the case with Windows 7) using that window. All Windows versions starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 offers little information about crashed applications in their crash window, Nirsoft released  WinCrashReport freeware portable app gives detailed report about crashed Windows application.


Using WinCrashReport

WinCrashReport is an alternate to the Windows built-in crash reporting program. When an app crashes, you can run this tool which displays extensive report about the crashed application. This information includes Crash memory address, Exception code, Exception description, strings found in the stack, call stack, Processor, registers, modules list, threads list, and more. 


WinCrashReport displays the Crash report in the lower pane, upper pane contains selected crashed item. If upper pane contains more than one item, you need to choose the right crash item. This tool shows crash report in text format only, you can switch to HTML report mode by pressing F8 button. You can also use “Save this Crash Report” option by using Ctrl + S from File menu to save the report in text or HTML format.

WinCrashReport doesn’t replace crash module of Microsoft, you need to run it manually when an application crashes. Currently this app inspects crashed 32-bit app only, in future versions support for 64-bit crashed app will be added.

Download WinCrashReport