Firefox 6 Beta 5 released yesterday which is supposed to be final beta and first RC for Firefox 6, Firefox 6 final is scheduled to release on 16th of this month. If you want to know what’s in store for Firefox 6 here is information for end users and not for developers.

Firefox 6

Update plugins from Add-Ons manager: You can check your plugins update status from add-ons manager itself without need to visit Mozilla plug-in check manually by clicking “ Check to see if your plugins are up to date” link in about:addons page.

About:permissions page lets you control data stored by websites such as cookies, passwords and location information. You can able to view and remove stored passwords, cookies and option to block/allow open of pop-up windows and offline storage.

about permissions page

Firefox 6 highlights domain name in the URL bar. Firefox 6 start-up times improved when compared to Firefox 5 where users can load saved tab group only when using Panorama. Linux users experience better Firefox performance with this version.

Will update this post with more info once Firefox 6 final is out.