BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 7 helps to protect all files stored in hard drives (internal & external) and USB flash drives, this encryption it is different from Encryption File System (EFS)  which only encrypts individual files. If you’ve used BitLocker Drive Encryption to secure multiple drives, then you may already know unlocking each drive one by one by double clicking on each drive and then entering respective password is a tedious task,  BitLocker Drives Unlocker is freeware portable tool lets you unlock all BitLocker encrypted drives at once by entering their respective passwords one by one.

BitLocker Drive Unlocker

Using BitLocker Drives Unlocker

Download and run the tool, it lists all the drives locked by BitLocker. Enter the password for the drive you want to unlock and click Unlock button. If you’ve used same password for multiple   drives, then select “same password for all” option where this program fills all the password fields with the first password field. You can set this app to run on system startup.

Download BitLocker Drives Unlocker