WakeMeOnLan is freeware portable tool lets you turn on Computers remotely on your wired network with a single click. It does this by sending Wake-On-Lan packet to remote computers. This tool also lets you turn on a Computer from a command-line by specifying Computer Name, IP Address, or MAC address of the remote Computer.


Wake-On-Lan feature must be turned on Remote Computers

Wake-On-Lan feature works only for computers on wired network not for wireless networks. For this feature to work, your Computers should support and have this feature enabled. You can enable Wake-On-Lan feature on some Computers on the BIOS setup.

To enable Wake-On-Lan feature for a Computer

1. Open Device Manager, right-click on Network adapter

2.  Select “Power Management” tab and select “allow this device to wake the Computer” and also select “Only allow a magic packet to wake the Computer”, click OK to save changes.  

enabling wakeonlan feature

Using WakeMeOnLan

Download and extract program archive to a folder and run WakeMeOnLan executable. Once your Computers are turned on and running, click Start scanning (F5) from file menu and this tool collects MAC addresses/Computer names/IP addresses of all your Computer and stores this list to a configuration file (WakeMeOnLan.cfg).

You can stop scanning at any moment by pressing F6 if you found tool scanning wrong IP address range, you can then go to “Advanced Options “ window (F9 ) and choose correct IP address range for the scan.

You can do multiple scans with this tool and this tool automatically adds new Computers if found to the list, meanwhile you can also remove obsolete Computers from the list also by using “Delete selected items” option. On WakeMeOnLan program window turned on Computers will be  shown with Status “On” with “green” icon and  turned off Computers shown with status “Off” “red” icon.

Later when your Computers are turned off or in stand by mode, you can use this list to turn on all computers with a single click and here is how.

Turning on Remote Computers  on your network

After the first scan,  run the program and select desired Computers and then choose “Wake up Selected Computer” option (F8).  After using this option, you can run a scan again to verify that all computers are turned on or not, turned on Computers shown with green icon with status “on” as we said above.

WakeMeOnLan is compatible with Windows versions starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 7.

Download WakeMeOnLan