If you  look at the system tray which appears on lower-right area of your screen, you will observe it cluttered with icons of programs that load at startup. Too many unnecessary programs loading on startup, may slow down your system startup and consumes more resources, sometimes malware configure themselves to auto-run at startup, so you should aware of icons in system tray and which program they belong and their startup status, System Tray Cleaner is freeware tool from Innovative Solutions lets you remove unnecessary icons that loads at startup from system tray and this program helps you in keeping your system tray clean.

System Tray Cleaner

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Using System Tray Cleaner

Download and install the program to your Computer (close browser windows if any opened), run it.  The  program asks you to view details about new icons found by it, on clicking  “Yes” this tool gathers information about system tray processes and connects to System-Tray-Cleaner website  where this info is analyzed and up-to-date details about each icon is shown in your web browser.

You can click on each icon to view more information incudes:

Things you can do regarding the program like

  • Ending the  program by clicking “End task” process
  • Clicking “Uninstall”, uninstalls that program from your Computer
  • Click “Remove from Startup” removes that program from startup list.

Description extracted from Wikipedia shows detailed information about the program, technical information about the program reveals icon status, settings and its uninstall status.

From this program’s system tray icon, you can view details about tray items/all the programs online . This program by default, notifies about new tray items and this program automatically loads with windows startup which you can change from Settings.

System Tray Cleaner benefits 

  • Get  rid of the clutter in your system tray
  • Quickly identify what each system tray icon does
  • Speed up your computer’s start time
  • Easily remove programs from your startup
  • Don’t start unnecessary programs
  • Speed up your computer by freeing your memory and CPU
  • 100% FREE tool!

System Tray Cleaner works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download System Tray Cleaner