Clipboard Imager is a freeware portable tool that grabs the images stored on the clipboard and allows to resize and save them in JPG format. If you’ve an image stored on clipboard, click “Refresh” button on the Clipboard Imager (though sometimes program automatically detects and displays image saved on the clipboard on its program window) and choose resizing option (you can keep it same by choosing No Resize option) from 320*240, 640*480, 1024* 768 and click “Save to Desktop” or “Save to Location”.

Clipboard Imager

You don’t even need to specify the filename by default the program saves image with “ClipImage” filename. If you try to save another image filename will be incremented like clipImage1, ClipImage2, ..

The program lacks custom resizable option and doesn’t support to save images in lossless format such as PNG.

Download Clipboard Imager