This morning we’ve covered Windows 8 Metro Start widget which brings Microsoft next operating System Metro Start Menu to Windows 7, another developer inspired from Windows 8 Demoed video yesterday developed Pulmon Start freeware portable app which also Windows 8 like Metro Start Menu to Windows 7.

Pulmon Start Windows 8 Metro Start Menu

Using Pulmon Start

Download and extract the program archive to a folder and run Pulmon Start executable. Metro UI Start Menu appears, clock will be displayed on top when you hover the mouse pointer over the Metro Start menu. You can drag the Clock to beneath and place it above the task bar.

You can make Metro Start Menu to hide or stay top by right-clicking on it and selecting
Options. You can set this program to run at startup from program options.

Pulmon Start aka Metro Start Menu contains following

Settings – opens Control Panel

Devices –  opens Device Manager

Share  -  opens Network and Sharing Center

Search  – opens search results window to perform search

Start  – opens Start menu in Windows 7.

Pulmon Start features

  • Metro UI
  • All functions are working properly
  • Options to access Settings, Devices, Share and Search
  • Choice to run on startup
  • Always On Top function

Pulmon Start works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Pulmon Start