Winfonts is a freeware portable tool lets you preview installed fonts in your Computer and also allows to backup them. Using this program is easy: download and run  it, Winfonts displays total number of installed fonts installed in your Computer you can preview them by clicking “Overview all fonts” button which then displayed in “Font Overviewer” came with Winfonts. You can backup fonts by clicking “Backup all Fonts” button.


You can restore Backup fonts whenever you want by clicking “Restore Fonts From a Backup” button in the program window. “Mark” button adds selected font to another box on the right which allows to select some fonts for comparison.

preview fonts

“Accepted font extensions” includes all the font extensions declared by the developer as font extension, by default  font extensions are *.ttf, *.otf, *.pfb, and *.fon. You can add and delete additional Font extensions by clicking “Edit” button for Accepted font extensions.

Download winfonts [via]