For any file in Windows, you can look for its appropriate programs by right-clicking and selecting “Open With” entry from the context menu  Windows Standard Open With dialog box displays programs you can choose from to open and set it as default program for that file. There may be a case, where Windows couldn’t displays or finds suitable application for the file to open, here is OpenWith Enhanced freeware app replaces Windows “Open With” dialog with comprehensive, improved and easy-to-use dialog box.

OpenWith Enhanced

Using OpenWith Enhanced

OpenWith Enhanced with constantly updated metadata base downloaded from web extends list of apps shown on Open With dialog with most popular apps selected by past users.  Apps installed in your Computer are marked and even non-installed apps are shown which you can download from related websites upon clicking (something that open with dialog lacks or doesn’t provide).

If you encountered an unknown file type, right-click on it and choose the program to open, easy. This program offers the options to

  • Look for appropriate program on the web if open with dialog doesn’t provides one
  • Removes the program association for a particular file type
  • You can manage that file type with Open with dialog if you want.

You can use this app to clear open with menu from any unneeded applications.

OpenWith Enhanced works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download OpenWith Enhanced