“LikeJacking” aka ClickJacking is a malicious technique used to lure Facebook users to like a page (not intentional) by clicking anywhere on a page which then posted to your wall and your friends will click it and that’s how this clickjacking worm spreads, Faceboook hasn’t done anything so far to protect users from LikeJacking, LikeJacking Eraser is a Firefox add-on deletes LikeJacking from HTML code of the page.

Using LikeJacking Eraser

After installing this add-on it’s icon appears on Add-on Bar, users need to click on it to run LikeJacking Eraser to Delete LikeJacking code if any that exists in page. You can set it to “autorun” from its options.

We’re not sure how effective this add-on is for Facebook users to protect from Clickjacking scams but you can use NoScirpt add-on as a defense against these kind of threats and Likejacking Eraser add-on will be handy for Facebook users as well.