Security vendor Kingsoft released freeware utility, Kingsoft PC Doctor in Beta version which optimizes your system for better performance and fixes vulnerabilities if any found by suggesting to download security updates released by Microsoft. This program uses Kingsoft’s Cloud Security Engine and Kingsoft V10 Antivirus Engine on your Computer to detect and remove Trojans.

Kingsoft PC Doctor

Using Kingsoft PC Doctor 

Download and install the program in your Computer. On the first run, to fix security risks and to accelerate your computer the program asks to perform a quick scan. This program with intuitive interface offers various tools such as Anti-Trojan, Repair, Optimizer, Cleaner and useful Traffic Monitor and System Booster Tools in Tools section.

Like as we said above Anti-Trojan function uses their Cloud Security Engine and powerful V10 Antivirus Engine on your Computer to scan for Trojan viruses if any found with user consent removes them. This function offers Trojan scanning, Plug-in Clearing, and System Repair options.

Plug-in Clearing scans for browser plug-ins and Browser Help objects (BHO) and offers suggestions to  remove unneeded plug-ins to speed up your Computer.  System Repair scans for any abnormal performance issues and fixes them if any exist due to malware.

If you’ve not patched vulnerabilities with the patches released by Microsoft till now,  Repair aka Windows Vulnerability Repair scans and displays them to let you fix by clicking  “Repair now” button.

Optimizer function scans your system and offers suggestions to disable unnecessary services and program that runs on startup to optimize your PC performance.  For your system to run faster and to protect your privacy while you surf online, Cleaner function allows to clean junk files, browser cache,  invalid registry entries, sample pictures,wallpapers & Videos found by OS Thinner.

Some functions in this program automatically scans for issues when their tabs are selected which is completely unwanted from user’s perspective. Recommended for users to create a system restore point before using this program.

Download Kingsoft PC Doctor